Unity Create boss Marc Whitten is resigning

Unity executive Marc Whitten will be stepping down on June 1, 2024, less than a year after his involvement in the company's Runtime Fee controversy.

Whitten currently holds the position of Unity Create chief product and technology officer. The reason for his resignation is unclear, but according to an SEC filing, he will remain with the company until December 31, 2024, to aid in the transfer of his responsibilities.

Previously, Whitten was tasked with promoting the adoption of a new Runtime Fee policy, which was met with significant opposition from developers.


A brief history of the Unity Runtime Fee

Unity introduced a version of the Runtime Fee in September 2023, which was later revised due to backlash from developers who viewed it as a hindrance to their success.

Following the turmoil, key leadership changes were made at Unity, including the departure of CEO and president John Riccitiello in October 2023. He was replaced by former Zynga COO Matthew Bromberg.

Despite Whitten's upcoming departure, he will be leaving with certain benefits. The SEC filing outlines that he will receive a lump sum payment of $200,000, equivalent to 26 weeks of his base salary, along with a cash payout of $400,000, representing his target bonus for 2024. Additionally, he will receive $200,000 to support the leadership transition and a smaller payment of $14,801 for health care continuation costs.