Agora Raises $34M Series B to Continue Developing Real Estate Management Platform

From a young age, Bar Mor knew that real estate would play a significant role in his future. Coming from a family with a strong background in various real estate projects, his passion for technology also grew, especially after serving in Unit 8200, the elite cyber intelligence division of the Israeli Defense Forces.

Combining his two passions, Mor co-founded Agora with friends Lior Dolinski and Noam Kahan. Agora provides software solutions for real estate investment firms, streamlining processes and automating tasks for better efficiency.

The company has seen rapid growth, tripling its revenue every year since inception. Recently, Agora secured a $34 million Series B funding round from Qumra Capital, Insight Partners, and Aleph, bringing its total funding to $63 million.

Aiming to expand its services beyond North America, Europe, and Israel, Agora plans to cater to customers in Central America, South America, and Australia as well.

Mor's family background in real estate has been instrumental in shaping Agora's approach to customer service. Understanding the needs and mindset of real estate professionals, Agora aims to be the go-to technology partner for its clients, providing personalized support and quick responses to their tech-related needs.