Utilizing the Back of Your Phone for More Functionality

The back of your phone may seem useless, but it has the potential for more functionality. While the cameras are located on the back, there is still a large amount of empty space that could be put to better use. Rather than adding a fully functioning screen, which would increase battery drain and cost, there are other options to consider.

In the past, the idea of a secondary e-ink screen has been explored by companies like YotaPhone. However, these innovations have not always been successful, with YotaPhone ultimately declaring bankruptcy. The Infinix E-Color Shift improves upon this concept by introducing color to the secondary display, although it is more of an aesthetic addition than a practical one.

Image Credits: Brian Heater

The technology used in the Infinix E-Color Shift allows for the display to change colors without consuming power, offering a unique visual experience. While still in the prototype stage, this technology shows potential for future applications in smartphones.

It remains to be seen whether this technology will be licensed by other companies or integrated into future Infinix devices. While it may not be a deciding factor for most consumers, the ability to display images on the back of a phone even without power could offer some interesting possibilities.